Highly Secured Government Recruitment Website

The requirement was for a securely protected website that could handle complex and sophisticated recruitment requirements including a dynamic recruitment form, anti-virus scanning and storage of sensitive information and documentation.

Secure Collaboration was asked to design build and implement (in four weeks) a secure infrastructure and setup an especially hardened operating system in each server to reduce the risk and the impacts of potential invasive and denial of service attacks.

The infrastructure chosen was similar to that shown below.


This provides separation of the backend database zone and the front end public zone and all is controlled by Macquarie Government's ASD certified Secure Internet Gateway (SIG).

Seamless Safe Access

Access to the backend CMS (which is industry standard SiteCore, implemented on Windows Server 2012 and using standard MS-MSQL for the database) is available 24X7 through a highly secure, 2xfactor authentication mechanism to allow developers to rapidly deploy changes and for recruiting personnel to regularly and securely download the application forms and related documentation.

We chose our preferred partner for secure website hosting - Secure Collaboration.
— Account Manager

Security Tested

Utilising Macquaire Governmet's DDOS protection, sited in the IRAP assessed (to PROTECTED level) Secure Collaboration’s secure enclave, the system integrity was tested with an invasive penetration test from an external specialist whose overall comment was: “We found nothing of significance." Which is security-person ‘speak’ for "We couldn't break into your system".